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    Hi there,

    I’m very excited to announce the birth of My audio content is now being fed there and combined with the community of brilliant spoken word specialists. We provide familiar voices and original content. The roster is amazing and will grow. There is nothing out there now like TheTalkPod. It is true freedom of expression. Please check out my commentaries there. Thank you.

    Quantify what you do. Understand what you do. Tell the story of what you do.

      Skill sets

      • Defining the story.
      • Breaking the story into understandable pieces.
      • Writing the story.
      • Text internet presence or Voice production telling the story.

      It can be in the form of

      • Product and Business Imaging and Branding.
      • Creative Internet Presence Design. Definition and text for creative website production.
      • Full Advertising Campaigns. Integrated Strategy from story, to advertising design, to web, to placement.
    • Commentary. Today’s issues being made to stand up to the question “Does This Make Sense?” “Making Sense” can be found under the Podcast tab.
    • Blog. Found under the MS Columns tab.
    • Commercial. Samples can be found in the Audition Reel.

    Ed has a full, varied background that let’s him share the story, whether it be news or you.


    • Integrated Advertising Strategy Management
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Radio Product
    • Creative Design and Text for Internet Presence/Website
    • Executive Speaker
    • Media Relations, Public Affairs/Public Relations
    • Executive Training
    • Special Events

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