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    Your Story Told…Your Message Understood

    Ed Baxter Media


    Quantify what you do. Understand what you do. Tell the story of what you do.

      Skill sets

      • Defining the story.
      • Breaking the story into understandable pieces.
      • Writing the story.
      • Text internet presence or Voice production telling the story.

      It can be in the form of

      • Product and Business Imaging and Branding.
      • Creative Internet Presence Design. Definition and text for creative website production.
      • Full Advertising Campaigns. Integrated Strategy from story, to advertising design, to web, to placement.
    • Commentary. Today’s issues being made to stand up to the question “Does This Make Sense?” “Making Sense” can be found under the Podcast tab.
    • Blog. Found under the MS Columns tab.
    • Commercial. Samples can be found in the Audition Reel.

    Ed has a full, varied background that let’s him share the story, whether it be news or you.


    • Integrated Advertising Strategy Management
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Radio Product
    • Creative Design and Text for Internet Presence/Website
    • Executive Speaker
    • Media Relations, Public Affairs/Public Relations
    • Executive Training
    • Special Events

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