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    Hi there,

    After years of doing news and talk in the Bay Area, I have been fortunate enough to be approached to work at Bloomberg LP. It is the most amazing experience!! After a career of working at the World Class KGO, I have now found the best news organization, currently, in the world. I go to work everyday in an organization with 2400 other journalists in over 150 bureaus. They are available to me as I work on my global newscasts for our First Word Asia Program. They also have me co-hosting a show which is called Bloomberg Best. Michael Bloomberg and his managers open the door for people who want to work hard, and provide them the tools to be able to do it. The culture has to be experienced to be believed. Once again, I am a very fortunate guy to work for an amazing organization with awesome managers and peers. There are four U.S radio stations, XM satellite and worldwide digital. Life is good.

    Quantify what you do. Understand what you do. Tell the story of what you do.

      Skill sets

      • Defining the story.
      • Breaking the story into understandable pieces.
      • Writing the story.
      • Text internet presence or Voice production telling the story.

      It can be in the form of

      • Product and Business Imaging and Branding.
      • Creative Internet Presence Design. Definition and text for creative website production.
      • Full Advertising Campaigns. Integrated Strategy from story, to advertising design, to web, to placement.
    • Commentary. Today’s issues being made to stand up to the question “Does This Make Sense?” “Making Sense” can be found under the Podcast tab.
    • Blog. Found under the MS Columns tab.
    • Commercial. Samples can be found in the Audition Reel.

    Ed has a full, varied background that let’s him share the story, whether it be news or you.


    • Integrated Advertising Strategy Management
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Radio Product
    • Creative Design and Text for Internet Presence/Website
    • Executive Speaker
    • Media Relations, Public Affairs/Public Relations
    • Executive Training
    • Special Events

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